About Us

An impromptu group of concerned citizens met in December of ’06 to discuss the deteriorating condition of the Town of Groton Animal Control Facility and how they could improve things.  A follow-up meeting was held in January of ’07 and the participants decided to form a non-profit organization whose goals would be to:

•    Inform Groton citizens of the need for a new facility
•    Get a referendum on the November ’07 ballot for bond moneys for a new  structure
•    Provide continuing additional financial and physical support to the animal facility when needed.

The organization was named the Groton Animal Foundation Inc.(GAF).  GAF became incorporated in March of ’07 and in June of the same year, received its 501 (c) (3) tax exempt status.

After a great deal of publicity by GAF to inform the public, Town Council and Town Representatives and in addition, a pledge from GAF to try and raise $200,000 toward the building of a new facility, a bond was placed on the ballot for $1.7 million dollars to build a new facility.  The citizens of the Town of Groton approved the bond and the beautiful new facility is now in operation.

To address the second part of our mission statement, ….”advocate for the animals by educating the public and funding ancillary programs.”, GAF has established an emergency medical fund to provide additional care (beyond that which is provided by the Town) to the animals residing in the animal control facility thereby making them more adoptable.  The Foundation also supports a bite prevention program managed by Safe Kids New London County, lends support to the Groton pet food bank, and tries to fulfill any unanticipated needs of the facility.

GAF has completely furnished the facility from dog bowls to examining tables, appliances etc. In addition, built outside dog and cat runs.

Board Officers

Donna Duso, President (860) 334-5287
Mary Kelly, Vice President (860) 446-9795
Susan Bergeron, Treasurer (860) 334-9533
Marilyn Goodman, Secretary (860) 448-1576

Board Members

Jim Streeter
Hope Orkney Walencewicz
Judy Currier

Larry Hirsch
Elissa Bass, Publicity